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Carré Rose : Interview with Ryder Skye

From pop culture to porn culture, with Carré Rose, Eklecty-City’s editorial team goes to meet X actresses who entrust us with their beginnings in the porn industry, the backstage of the profession, their current news and of course their cultural tastes. For this new issue, I went to meet actress Ryder Skye.

Ryder Skye is of Caucasian and Japanese origin. Before starting a career in the adult industry, she was a stripper. As a feminist, Ryder Skye identifies herself as a sexually positive feminist, supporting pornography as a source of power for women and against anti-pornographic feminism. She states in this regard: ‘I have the impression that the majority of feminists, especially conservatives or radicals, have lost sight of the true definition of feminism. It is as if they were lost in the idea that women are not sexual creatures like men, but victims of sexuality in general‘.

Ryder Skye also went through the cinema, we saw her in Sex and the City and in a famous Showtime series.

The interview is also available in French here.

Hello Ryder, thank you for participating in ‘Carré Rose’ our naughty column. In case there are Internet users who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself?

Ryder : My name is Ryder Skye and for the last 12 years I have had a career as a pornographic performer.

At what age did you decide to enter the X industry and what is the origin of your pseudo ?

Ryder : I was 12years younger than I am now when I started in the adult industry and there isn’t much of a story as far as my name goes. I was literally one of the 1st names that popped into my head so I just ran with it.

I heard you shot your first film on an Easter Sunday. (Laughs)

Ryder : I did. (Laughs)

Tell us about your first set experience. How did it go?

Ryder : It was a big toy solo scene. I had my 1st pornstar experience right before going to meet my family for dinner on Easter Sunday. I had never done any type of porn before so I was very nervous and very excited as well. It ended up going very well. So much so that I decided that day that the porn industry was where I was meant to be.

What is your best memory of shooting and the scene you’re most proud of ?

Ryder : Honestly, I have to say, I have memories of all my shoots and I loved every minute of every one of them. I am very proud of all of them too. Although I can say that my favorite type of shoots were the full length features such as This Ain’t Gilligans Island and Dukes of Hazzard XXX.

The fantasy you haven’t realized yet?

Ryder : Hmm, if I haven’t realized it yet, Im not sure I know how to answer that question until I do.

During the shootings, do you really take pleasure or are you only in the simulation? I guess there are days with and days without, so how do you shoot?

Ryder : I just go with it, have fun, and try to be as organic as possible. There is no guarantee that you will have perfect chemistry with the person you are working with but I still try to enjoy it. After all, how can getting paid to have sex not be a good time? It’s literally, in my opinion, the best job ever.

Which production studio do you think is the best today?

Ryder : There aren’t many left it seems but I would have to say that Adult Time, Vixen, and Brazzers are some of the top studios right now.

Are you a big porn consumer?

Ryder : No, I rarely watch it. Having been doing it for so long now, I think my perception of it has changed. I have become a bit jaded.

What do you like and hate about porn?

Ryder : I love the overall performing aspect of porn from start to finish. What I dislike about the porn industry now is how things have evolved and killed the glam aspect of the industry. Anyone can do it so there really aren’t any “Pornstars” anymore.

What are your limits for a scene?

Ryder : Everything up to anal at this point. That isn’t to say that I am stopping here.

What advice would you give to future actresses who wish to embrace this career?

Ryder : Stay motivated, self-manage, and save up your money.

You know it at Eklecty-City we deal with cinema news. With which actor/actress would you like to spend an evening (Laughs)?.

Ryder : I hate to be so generic but I have to say Chris Hemsworth. He is the complete package.

Use these few lines to send her a message (Laughs).

Ryder : Yes please and thank you. (Laughs)

So, what does it take to seduce you?

Ryder : A fun personality and a pretty face.

If tomorrow your life is to be the subject of a biopic in the cinema, what would be the tagline of the movie ?

Ryder : ‘Close but No Cigar’

Let’s talk about your cultural tastes. What are your favorite movies?

Ryder : I have a lot but just off the top of my head I’m going to have to say Magnolia, Moonlight Mile, Wristcutters : A Love Story, and Seeking A Friend for the end of the world.

You appeared in the Dexter series, but also in the movie Sex and the City. How did you get on these two projects

Ryder : I auditioned for both roles. I have fond memories of it.

(Ryder Skye appears in episode two of Dexter’s third season.)

Tell us about your news and current projects?

Ryder : I am currently putting together a creative team to shoot an art fllm that will have two versions, one for adult and one mainstream. I am still working on the details but there will be some animation involved. It’s going to be a really fun project.

You are developing a series of videos for Youtube dedicated to the backstage of the adult industry. Tell us more about it.

Ryder : I was but the project is actually on hold for now. The idea was to interview people from all facets of the adult interview to give people a backstage look at what goes on. I used to have a radio show called Ryde Along with Ryder Skye which is what this would be a continuation of.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Still in front of the camera? To directing? Elsewhere?

Ryder : Im still trying to figure that one out. I’m not sure where the road will take me but I’m excited to find out when I get there.

It’s selfie time, you have to take your picture where you are now.

Ryder :


Finally, what question would you have liked us to ask you and what would you have answered?

Ryder : How does something so big fit into something so small? (Laughs)

Thanks again Ryder for playing along, see you soon.

Ryder : Thanks to you, it was nice.

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Interview by Thomas O. for, who thanks Ryder Skye for giving us time. Thanks also to Tanya Tate.

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