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Carré Rose : Interview with Florane Russell

From pop culture to porn culture, with Carré Rose, Eklecty-City’s editorial team goes to meet X actresses who entrust us with their beginnings in the porn industry, the backstage of the profession, their current news and of course their cultural tastes. For this new issue, we went to meet the actress Florane Russell. Florane lives in Czech Republic, she started her career 7 months ago, at 28 years old, after being a webcam model.

Interview in French

Hello Florane, thank you for participating in « Carré Rose » our naughty column. In case there are Internet users who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself?

Florane : I am Florane Russell, I am 29 years old and I live in Czech Republic.

At what age did you decide to enter the X industry?

Florane : Seven months ago, I was 28. I worked over 5 years in webcam and it was boring at first, and porn was the next step for me.

What is the origin of your pseudo ?

Florane : So, Florane because I like how it « sounds » and Russell because I have a Jack Russell named Henry.

Tell us about your first set experience. How did it go?

Florane : You mean my first video? It was for Public Agent. That went well. It was classic, I went to the location of the shooting, I was made up, then I went to where we were shooting to play with the actor.

What is your best memory of shooting?

Florane : My first successful scene (laughs) and my first orgasm on stage (laughs).

The scene you’re most proud of?

Florane : Probably my first scene with DDF’s House of Taboo.

The fantasy you haven’t realized yet?

Florane : I have no fantasies I haven’t realized in porn (laughs). You could say that I explored all my fantasies with porn (laughs). Maybe a gangbang on a yacht can be fun.

During the shootings, do you really take pleasure or are you only in the simulation? I guess there are days with and days without, so how do you shoot?

Florane : For every scene I shoot, I try to be relaxed and enjoy myself. If I don’t have an orgasm during the scene, I think it’s a bad day’s work.

Which production studio do you think is the best today?

Florane : It’s hard to say because they all do something different. Today, with everyone I’ve worked, I don’t think I can choose who is best.

Are you a big porn consumer?

Florane : Yes and no. I watch all my scenes and try to be better for the next ones.

What do you like about porn?

Florane : It’s easy, there’s lots of sex, new encounters, travels and lots of fun (laughs).

And what do you hate?

Florane : Bad smells, bad taste, rude people.

What are your limits for a scene?

Florane : I’ll never make a dirty scene. And I hate it when it hurts.

Who are the actors and directors you want to work with?

Florane : I would really like to shoot, at least once, to try with Brazzers or RealityKings. Unfortunately, I think my English is too bad to tour with these studios.

What excites you in a woman/man?

Florane : So for women it’s the body and breasts. For a man, he has to be sexy and smart.

What advice would you give to future actresses who wish to embrace this career?

Florane : Be patient (laughs).

You know it at Eklecty-City we deal with cinema news. With which actor/actress would you like to spend an evening (laughs)?

Florane : I love David Boreanaz on the Angel series!

Use these few lines to send him a message (laughs).

Florane : Hello David, I’m Florane and I want you! And you, do you want me? (Laughs)

If tomorrow your life is to be the subject of a biopic in the cinema, what would be the tagline of the movie’s poster ?

Florane : Let me think… 100 Secrets of Florane (laughs).

Let’s talk about your cultural tastes. What are your favorite movies?

Florane : I like a lot of movies but there isn’t one that I like better than the others. I really like thrillers and horror movies.

What are your current series?

Florane : I love watching Pretty Little Liars (laughs), but I’m sad it’s over.

The music you’re listening to all the time?

Florane : I love beat music like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or The Zombies.

We also take care of video game news. Are you a gamer? Tell us about your best video game experience and the last game you played?

Florane : I’m not a gamer. I tried a long time ago, but it’s not for me.

Tell us about your news and current projects.

Florane : I have a special project coming up, but I need to improve my English, and I have a gangbang planned with CzechAV Production.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Still in front of the camera? To directing? Elsewhere?

Florane : Today I am 29 and in 10 years I want to have a child and educate it.

What would you like to say to all your fans and the next ones?

Florane : I love you all. And thank you for watching my scenes and giving me feedback.

It’s selfie time, you have to take your picture where you are now.

Florane :


To which other actress(es) would you like us to ask these questions? Why?

Florane : I don’t have any, sorry.

Finally, what question would you have liked us to ask you and what would you have answered?

Florane : I wish you’d asked me, « How old is your dog Florane? »

Thanks again Florane for playing along, see you soon.

Florane : Thanks to you, thanks a lot for this interview, see you soon.

Florane Russell on Twitter

Interview by Thomas O. for, who thanks Florane Russell for giving us time.

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