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Carré Rose : Interview with Cindy Starfall

From pop culture to porn culture, with Carré Rose, Eklecty-City’s editorial team goes to meet X actresses who entrust us with their beginnings in the porn industry, the backstage of the profession, their current news and of course their cultural tastes. For this new issue, we went to meet actress Cindy Starfall.

After working in business, Cindy decided to join the adult industry to fully enjoy her life. First a glamorous model, Cindy switched to webcam before launching her acting career. Cindy has acted in adult films for renowned companies such as Filly Films, Mile High, Evil Angel, Hustler, Digital Playground and Wicked Pictures. Cindy has agreed to participate in Carré Rose to tell us more about it.


Interview in French

Hello Cindy, thank you for participating in « Carré Rose » our naughty column. In case there are Internet users who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself?

Cindy : Hi everyone, I’m Cindy Starfall. I was born and raised in Vietnam. I came to America when I was 15 years old. After getting my degree in business marketing, I decided to quit my boring corporate job to join the fun adult indutry.
I was nominated 14 times throughout my 5 years career so far and I enjoy being my own boss.

In your biography, we learn that you are a former former Catholic schoolgirl. Tell us more about it. (Laughs)

Cindy : Yes I was. My family wanted me to stay away from boys so I attended an all girl school my whole life. I think it backfired on my family but I enjoy watching girls in schoolgirl skirt and I developed my love for sexy girls.

At what age did you decide to enter the X industry and what is the origin of your pseudo ?

Cindy : Compared to other girls, I enter the adult industry later on at 23 years old vs 18, 19 years old.

Tell us about your first set experience. How did it go?

Cindy : It was nervous and exciting because I was worry about my accent. The production director was very understanding. My costar was awesome so I’m happy that it went better than I thought.

What is your best memory of shooting and the scene you’re most proud of ?

Cindy : Any scene in my Starfall movie. Funny, I said ‘simultaneously’ in one scene then the whole set goes « wow SAT word » haha.. you know a pornstar can be smart too. But I’m really proud of my whole showcase movie including my best gangbang scene of 8 guys.


During the shootings, do you really take pleasure or are you only in the simulation? I guess there are days with and days without, so how do you shoot?

Cindy : I just enjoy the moment. I enjoy when the guys are watching me like a piece of meat. I love all the attention and Jonnie shot the scene so well. I couldn’t ask for any better showcase.

Which production studio do you think is the best today?

Cindy : Each studio has their own unique niche so they are all best in what they do for that type of niche.

Are you a big porn consumer?

Cindy : Yes. Before shooting porn, I love watching them. I love watching webcam girls as well.

What do you like and hate about porn?

Cindy : I love that it enpowers woman, women can be an independent boss. I hate that the society still have a bad judgment when it comes to porn. Relax, its just sex!

What are your limits for a scene?

Cindy : I dont do hard bondage, I don’t like pain and if I don’t enjoy it, I won’t do it on camera.

What advice would you give to future actresses who wish to embrace this career?

Cindy : Find a reputable agency! Do your research on the best agency to represent you and bring you into the door. Save money! It doesnt last forever so save for the rainy days. Invest your money! Use the money you make to invest on other things that will make you money too. Hustle! Porn is fun but also a job. The more you hustle, the more $ you make because you’re your own boss.

You know it at Eklecty-City we deal with cinema news. With which actor/actress would you like to spend an evening (laughs)?

Cindy : I like Sofia Vergara, she is just a confident and funny woman. I enjoy a good time.

Use these few lines to send her a message (laughs).

Cindy : Come slap my ass Sofia!

So, what does it take to seduce you?

Cindy : Lot of humor. I enjoy a good laugh and grab my ass!


If tomorrow your life is to be the subject of a biopic in the cinema, what would be the tagline of the movie’s poster ?

Cindy : Fallen for Cindy Starfall.

Let’s talk about your cultural tastes. What are your favorite movies?

Cindy : I like ‘Life is Beautiful‘; ‘The Bronx Tale‘; ‘The Good Fellas‘; ‘Devil Wears Prada‘.

Tell us about your news and current projects.

Cindy : I just released my popular annual calendar. 2019 calendar is a swimsuit issue. Amazing photos on each month and it will be signed to you. Get it exclusively on

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Still in front of the camera? To directing? Elsewhere?

Cindy : Traveling the world and be behind the camera. I will always involved in the adult industry so I might direct porn worldwide.

It’s selfie time, you have to take your picture where you are now.

Cindy :


Thanks again Cindy for playing along, see you soon.

Cindy : Thank you.

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Interview by Thomas O. for, who thanks Cindy Starfall for giving us time. Thanks also to Tanya Tate.

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